ULV System

Field application

  1. The ultra-low volume is an excellent technique to spray herbicide application. The advantages and benefits of low volume are optimized when used on citrus and fruit trees.
  2. Experience in the field suggests a premixed solution of the herbicide in 20 litre tanks, which are transported  for spraying. Enough solution should be prepared to last throughout the working day.
  3.  As with all herbicides, when making the mixture always use clean water.
  4. In fields with young plantations (open conditions) spraying  with windy conditions can be problematic. Never spray in windy conditions.
  5. It´s light weight, ease of handling and speed in filling and refilling, enables operators to maximize the spraying time, resulting in coverage of more than 6 hectares man / day.
  6. Always carry enough clean water for washing and cleaning the equipment.
  7. Always follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the herbicide.



Geno Sprayers

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